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Welcome to
Preferred Card Coupons!
...Our Exclusive Members-Only Website!

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Last year, over $330 billion dollars worth of coupons were sent out in newspapers, but less than $3 billion dollars were actually used by consumers?
That's hundreds of billions of dollars in lost savings. With Preferred Card Coupons, it's our mission to help you get a piece of those savings! For more than twenty years, our team has helped thousands of people just like you save big on their grocery bills. Now it's your turn!

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HOW DOES PreferredCardCoupons.com WORK?

We offer a really great program to help you take your coupon savings to the next level! Here's how it works.

1. Choose a category to begin browsing coupons or select "View All" to see all coupons available in our extensive inventory.
2. Browse through our inventory and pick the coupons you would like, up to five (5) of each, and add them to your cart.
3. Check out.
4. Your coupons are delivered to your doorstep in just a couple of days.
5. Take them to the store and save!

We Clip Coupons For You

The major drawback to just cutting your own coupons is that it takes precious time to find them, cut them out, and keep them organized. Plus, your coupon selection is significantly limited to what is available in your local area and the amount of time you have to cut them. At PreferredCardCoupons.com, our team hand cuts coupons from newspapers all over the country which gives you access to national coupons that you would not normally have access to.


At PreferredCardCoupons.com, our mission is to help our members save by providing them with a program that has real value, great brands, and superior service and quality. We have helped thousands of members save millions of dollars. With PreferredCardCoupons.com, you really do get an easy-to-use program!

Plus you get the following:

1. A user friendly service of real value.
2. The best brands on the market.
3. Coupons and deals updated every single day.
4. A great selection representing thousands of deals.
5. You get to order multiple versions of the coupons you like.
6. Prompt delivery of your order.
7. Responsive, personal, and quality customer service.
8. Peace of mind, knowing our platform is secure and that we won't ever sell your information.
9. A service that's a proud A+ member of the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program.
10. A team with a twenty year track record of helping people save.

Many coupon services take as long as 2 weeks to send you your coupons. And they only let you order one of each coupon.
With PreferredCardCoupons.com, your order comes in just a few days - and you can order multiple versions of each coupon.  So, if there's a product you really want to stock up on, you can!


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